Using Facebook Chatbot to Maximise Engagement

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Facebook Chatbot is a popular automated software program that is revolutionising the idea of customer service. It is an AI Based automated messaging program that communicates with users using Facebook Messenger. Additionally, it ensures round-the-clock customer service and raises audience engagement. To increase your audience for Youtube you can try YoutubeStorm. The platform offers  likes, comments and subscribers for YouTube Platform. Try YoutubeStorm to grow reach. Chatbots are similar to virtual assistants. It is programmed to interpret questions and offer solutions. In this article, you will discover how Facebook chatbot increases engagement. 

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that supports and connects users to improve customer service. This program usually works when a customer service agent is not available online. It communicates with the customer and generates a reply according to the questions. A database of questions and answers is used to provide responses that are appropriate for each question. Chatbots are used in the corporate sector, health industries, and E-commerce to provide better customer service.


How does Chatbot work?

A chatbot simulates human speech by carrying out repetitive automated actions based on preset inputs and algorithms. A bot is created to communicate with a human via a voice or chat interface in a web or mobile application. Chatbots are generally two types:


  1. Rule-based chatbots: A rules-based bot searches for solutions using a tree-like structure.  These chatbots use pattern matching and information databases to provide prepared answers. Since rule-based chatbots use simple true/false logic to interpret user inquiries, they are simpler to develop. This is the most basic kind of chatbot.

  • Chatbots powered by AI: This bot is built with an artificial intelligence (AI) brain. Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots use a collection of data, pattern matching, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Chatbots were text-based in the past. It could only respond to preset, simple questions. They functioned like a virtual FAQ. But, they were unable to respond to the difficult queries that the database missed. Natural language processing is included in chatbots. Today’s chatbots conversationally express themselves.



How to create a Facebook Chatbot?

First, decide why you want to build a Facebook chatbot. It is mandatory to understand how to create a chatbot before utilising it. A chatbot can be created on a variety of platforms. You can apply “Manychat,” for instance.


Step 1:

  1.     Click on ‘Sign in with Facebook
  2.     Continue  with your Facebook profile
  3.     Press “Ok”


Step 2:

  1.     Press ‘Describe yourself
  2.     Select how many employees you have in your company.
  3.     Select  how many client’s  you are managing right  now.
  4.     Press ‘Continue’


Step 3:

  1.     Connect your Facebook page from the interface.
  2.     Select your marketing goals.
  3.     Define your  business in the section.
  4.     Select which type of chatbot you want to use.


Step 4:

  1.     Build your chatbot on the Automation section





How does Facebook Chatbot work for increasing engagement?

The Facebook chatbot is constantly available to interact with customers. For the audience, they offer a personalised service. Because of this, users are more engaged and return to the platform. Through customised shopping experiences, they make it simple for customers to find products. Facebook Chatbot also works in developing personal connections with customers. Customers get a better buying experience with the Facebook chatbot since it offers quick responses and solutions. As a result, Engagement on business platforms grows rapidly. Here are some reasons why Facebook chatbots increase engagement.


1.  Higher Customer Engagement: A Facebook chatbot has the benefit of greatly increasing client interaction on social media. It enables easy interactions. Chatbots increase engagement by offering easy and interesting conversational patterns.

2. Expanded Customer support: With the help of Facebook Chatbot, it is extremely feasible to achieve client satisfaction. Consumers receive assistance from the page or website. It has gone far beyond traditional customer service. The owner of the firm can ensure 24-hour accessibility and proactive customer engagements with the help of a Facebook chatbot. 

3. Greater Brand Loyalty: Customer service is guaranteed with chatbots around-the-clock. They serve the customers nicely as well. As a result, the brand’s value goes up. Visitor trusts the business and starts using them frequently. For instance, let’s say you are a consumer and you find a website that responds to you immediately. And the other page didn’t respond to you at all. Which platform are you going to trust? I am sure you  will  choose the first one. 

4. Accessing International Markets: The brand can overcome the language barrier with a chatbot. With Facebook chatbots, there is a significant chance for a brand to contact consumers internationally. For the entrepreneur, it opens up a world of opportunity to expand their company beyond any barriers.

5. Time-saving: Who doesn’t want to complete their shopping quickly? Everyone wants to spend as little time as possible shopping.  The fundamental characteristic of a Facebook chatbot is how quickly questions may be answered instantly. The Facebook Chatbot’s virtual assistant is constantly available to respond to client inquiries. The buyer saves a ton of time through this method. This quick and easy approach is improving online shopping worldwide.



Limitations of Facebook Chatbot


1.      Chatbots are limited in answering questions:   Chatbots are unable to interact with clients in a human-like manner.  They can only give answers to problems that they have been programmed with. They have a basic database. As a result, it is extremely difficult for a chatbot to respond to a customer in context. These limitations could result in miscommunications.


2.     Chatbots are Difficult to Make: Making a chatbot is difficult because it requires complex programming. Natural language processing is used to build chatbots. For the creation of such a complex tool, the business platforms require technical support.


3.     Chatbots need regular maintenance:  Company platforms can’t use the chatbot for very long without maintenance. Products and prices change over time. As a result, Chatbot programs need to be updated from time to time. The chatbots must develop over time so they can remember the frequent queries they have previously asked. Chatbots require regular maintenance for all of these reasons.




Nowadays, the Facebook chatbot is a very effective software program for online businesses or service platforms. Facebook chatbot has improved customer service significantly by providing ongoing communication. As a result, business platforms are experiencing higher engagement. Not only that, Facebook chatbots increase trust among customers. It can be said that Facebook Chatbot is an extremely helpful program for online traders. 

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